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Shipping cost varies in relation to weight, destination and shipping method chosen. The cost for the shipping will appear after you input your address for delivery at the check out page. We ship Worldwide.

Shipping methods, handly time and delivery time:

We provide several shipping methods:

1. 'Express courier' is secured, guaranteed, reliable, fast and with tracking. 

Handly time: shipping is made within 2 working days after order is made.

Delivery time: between 2 and 7 working days, depending on destination. 

2. 'Priority international mail' is slower that express courier and provides proof of delivery. Tracking is available only in certain Country and it is due to the destination Country postal service. Proove of shipment (receipt of shipment with tracking number) is always available. 

Handly time: shipping is made within 5 working days after order is made.

Delivery time: between 5 and 15 working days, depending on destination. 

3. 'International economy mail' is slower and does not provide tracking, nor proove of shipment can be made as it is shipped with normal postal stamp attached to the envelope, therefore there is no receipt from postal office, nor tracking number (before departure each item with postal stamp is scanned via photo as proove of shipment for customer).

Handly time: shipping is made within 5 working days after order is made.

Delivery time: between 10 and 25 working days, depending on destination. 

4. 'Ordinary International package' is slower and it is available only for certain orders which have bigger dimentions and weight. It provides tracking, proove of shipment and proove of delivery. 

Handly time: shipping is made within 5 working days after order is made.

Delivery time: between 10 and 28 working days, depending on destination. 

Refund is always applicable when the shipping method is courier. No refund is applicable in case of loss or damage when the customer choose other methods of shipment.  

Important notice:

No shipping are made on week-ends as transport operators, couriers and postal services do not work on weekend. Therefore, for example, if you make an order on Friday or weekend, we will process it on Monday and send it following the handly time indicated in the shipping method chosen. 

We provide tracking number (for express courier and priority international mail options) ONLY on request if the item has not been delivered within the maximum time indicated in the shipping method chosen calculated as handly time + delivery time (meaning 9 days for the express courier, 20 days for the air registered mail). 

For customers who are shops, in case of multiple purchases (min. order 15 pieces) you can contact us in order to  explore the possibility of special discounts.  

For any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by sending an email to:


You want to return your purchase? No problem, you can easily do it and get your money back! 

You have 14 days after delivery (the date is confirmed by the tracking and it is the date when the customer receives the purchase) to return an item you purchased.

In case you want to return an item you must contact us immediately after you receive the item by sending an email to We will provide the info and the address for the return. No refunds, nor exchanges will be possible if you return the item after 14 days (starting from the moment the item has been delivered to you). We will not accept returns in case the item has been weared or tags removed. We will give you the address to use to send back your item and return the money to you once the item has been delivered to us in the same conditions in which was sent originally.  We advise to return items with registered mail, so to avoid it is lost. Refund will be made after and only if items return in the same conditions. Refund wont include the cost of the shipping. The cost of the shipping must be paid by customer except if you have to return the items for a problem due to us (in that case you will not have to pay for the return shipping and we will fully refund you, including for the shipping cost related to the initial purchase). We will not accept any item in which there are costs to be paid for the delivery.

A restocking fee equal to 10% of the cost of the item purchased (or 10 euro for orders below 100 euro) to cover our administartive and logistics costs + stripe credit card processing fee debited to us (for credit card payment only) will be applied and deducted from the refund. This is not a gain for us. It only covers the costs we have to pay associated to the order, the fee applied to us from the bank and the payment gateway used and the return procedure. 

No refund will be made if items are not delivered back (e.g. lost) or are delivered in different conditions (e.g. dirty, used, without tags) or returned after 14 days.

It is also possible to replace items instead of asking to be refunded. In this case shipping costs incurred to send exchanged items as well as any difference of price between the return items and the replaced ones must be paid by the buyer

No refund is applicable in case of loss or damage when the customer choose 'air registered mail' or 'economy mail' as a method of shipment.  

Our customer care service is available Monday-Friday during working hours (CET Time). We will be happy to answer any question



This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information.

Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

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When you buy in our shop, if you do not select overwise, you accept marketing, as clearly indicated in your chart at the check out and in the resume of your order. If you do not want to be included in the mailing list, you need to untick 'accept marketing' or specify in the notes of your order that you do not want to be included in the mailing list. In this way your email wont be included. Overwise the systems sees that your email is not included and authomatically adds it.

Therefore please note that if you write to us requesting to be removed, we immediately remove manually your email as we NEVER ignore requests of customers, but if you buy afterwards and do not specify not to be included, the system authomatically sees that you are not inclucluded and adds your email up again. 


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