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Collection Pantaloni Torino: PT01, PT05, PT Ghost, PT Bermuda

A vast choice of original brand new trousers and bermuda Pantaloni Torino at the best price. In our shop PT01 Pantaloni Torino up to 70% discount alle year long thanks to our new way to sell: Sales all Year Long. 

Lot of models, styles, fitting, materials and colours. For any taste. PT01, PT05, PT Bermuda, PT Ghost. 

Pantaloni Torino Fall and Winter Collection

Pantaloni Torino Spring and Summer Collection

Pantaloni Torino is an explosion of sophisticated details, elegant design, research, italian creativity and luxury first quality materials: cotton, velvet, flannel, wool, virgin wool, linen, cashmere. 

PT01 are a great Italian fashion brand known all over the Globe and be chosen as most preferred trousers by stars and VIP's, like George Clooney or Obama

Pantaloni Torino PT01 PT05 PT Ghost PT Bermuda

Great comfort in fitting, brushed cotton twill, elegant wool pinstripes, rich color variations, modern weft fabric, warm velvety feeling in touch and wearing. 

Many models available to make you dream: Flair, Fly, Flower, Ghost Project, Business, Optical, Invasion, Color, PT05, Pixel, Five Pockets, Claude, Victor, Gregory, Deluxe, Marrakech, Megeve, Vail, Velò, Summer Traveler, Deco, Brit Chino, Fulham Rd, Brighton, Gustave, Seattle, West Point, Aspen, Beams.

PT01 - PT05 are trademarks produced and distributed by Cover 50 srl. The company was founded in 1969 in Turin and established itself as a sartorial line of trousers, which in a few seasons managed to transform the garment into a real cult, worn by famous actors and politicians all over the world. This revolution took place thanks to the constant research and development, the great attention to exclusive details and refinement, the selection of noble materials, the excellent wearability and vision towards the future.
The renewed product strategy and great service attitude have helped PT's success.
From its birth to today, the brand, through a natural brand extension logic, has expanded its range of products to meet the needs of its customers.
A line dedicated to the cinquestasche PT05 is born, a line of great research and innovation GHOST PROJECT, and a very sophisticated collection dedicated to women PT01 woman pants.
Through a product able to arouse emotions, PT is in the most beautiful Italian showcases, in more than 400 stores in 39 countries in the World.

Do you know how to choose your perfect fitting? Choose your perfect size by checking the ultimate PT01 Pantaloni Torino trousers size guide.

Unbeatable prices for Pantaloni Torino PT01 and PT05 !!! 

Everything brand new, original with tags and SKU. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For all new customers: 20 EURO bonus to spend in our shop, which you will receive once you complete your first order.

Lot of models and Pantaloni Torino PT01 and PT05 sizes available

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